Code of Conduct

The guidelines set below are for the general public attending Coast Con.

Making sure you follow these guidelines help provide a fun and safe environment for all attendees including yourself.

  • No harassing of other convention attendees
  • No alcohol or drugs are allowed on the venue
  • No persons found under the influence or intoxicated are allowed on venue grounds
  • Never leave with strangers
  • No metal weapons are allowed on the venue
  • FIREARM PROPS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED [for a more detailed weapons policy, please see our weapons policy page]
  • Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • Call security in the event you see anything suspicious
  • Call 911 in a serious emergency

In order to attend Coast Con and/or participate in it’s activities,

all attendees must abide by the Code of Conduct set in place by the hosting organizers.

Prohibited actions/activities

The following violations are grounds for dismissal and evacuation off the venue and possible ban from future Coast Con and Anime Academia events.

  • Appropriate clothing. Keep in mind this is a free public event on a college campus and open to all ages.
  • Please follow local laws, rules, and regulations when selecting your costume.
  • Assaults, threats, inappropriate behavior, discrimination regarding race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender bullying or harassment are ground for immediate dismissal and a ban from all future events
  • Commercial business or transactions including the following: selling of food or beverages, illegal substances requesting unauthorized donations, distribution of flyers, cards without consent of Anime Academia or Coast Con is prohibited
  • Smoking/Vaping is not allowed anywhere inside buildings/facilities of the venue. It is limited outside to nearby  parking lots on campus
  • Lewd or offensive behavior is immediate an immediate ban and local authorities will be contacted for any persecutable offense that may include: upskirts, sexual harassment, unwanted physical contact, lewd behavior, recording within the bathroom, exposing nipples or genitals
  • No illegal substances or alcohol are allowed on the venue
  • Loud music or noise via speakers, amplifiers that may disrupt attendees or functions of Coast Con are prohibited
  • No skateboards, bicycles, scooters, roller blades, hoverboards, segways or any transportation device cannot be used during Coast Con in such a way that it impedes with flow of foot traffic or the general public