Alongside AniGen Media Group along side Coast Con are inviting We, Anigen Media Group, invite three Japanese Professional Singers who have performed various anime songs in Japan to Coast Con in Orange County at April 6th.

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Limited tickets available at-door!

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Let us prompt introduce our beloved guests!

First, Ms. Mika Kobayashi!
(小林 未郁, Official Site

Ms. Kobayashi started her music career at 2005. She contributes her work in TV shows, movies, and anime. The unique voice attracts huge oversea attention after the collaboration with Hiroyuki Sawano (澤野 弘之) starting from famous Japanese TV series “Team Medical Dragon”.Since then, she performed numerous important themes songs in some famous anime series. Most of those themes songs are cut into the key point of the story that make anime series dramatically soar.

Suara (すあら) is a Japanese pop song singer. “Suara” means “voice” in the Indonesian, which was her major in Osaka University of Foreign Studies.

She started her music career right after graduating from college. However, she became famous in the next year 2006 because of her very first single Musouka (夢想歌). The very touching melody with Suara’s clear voice is the perfect match to the anime Utawarerumono (うたわれるもの). She then also sang the ending song of Utawarerumono final episode and it is a true masterpiece. That song “Kimi ga Tame (For You)” exactly points out the relationship between main characters and makes audiences tearing again and again.

The list can go much longer by just introducing her collaboration with Utawarerumono project. Therefore, it should be noticed that Suara has made 14 singles, 6 albums, and 1 best selection so far.

Finally, Yoffy from Psychic Lover!

Psychic Lover, the rock duo, has been activating since 2003. Their songs are primarily used in the TV Tokusatsu (特撮) series and animes. They are often recognized as one of the representatives of the Japanese anisong artists. They are also one of the pioneer anisong artists that came to perform overseas in the United States back in 2007. Yoffy as the vocalist, lyricist and songwriter of the band contributes massive amount of time and energy to establish the band’s statue in the anisong field. He also writes songs for the other anisong artists and bands.