Coast Con rescheduled it’s new date to March. With a first year experience and determination to improve upon the previous year, the organizers reached out to the community and received some new help. Coast Con saw support in the way of sponsors such as: Crunchyroll, EpicCosplay Wigs, ArsenicXCyanide, iBuyPower, Funimation, Twitch TV and TESPA.

Coast Con also brought along their first premiere guest, Kira Buckland. Kira Buckland had voiced Umi Sonoda [Love Live!], Marie [Skullgirls] and more recently 2B from Nier: Automata.

Also, new to Coast Con was the debut of the itasha alley hosted by the former Otaku Thursday organization.

Similarly, Coast Con saw an increase in venue size by almost 3 times the original size. Artist Alley grew threefold as well, with over 40 artist participating in 2017. Exhibitors Hall was also a new addition as well Community/Industry tables for local organizations and businesses to come out and promote themselves and network with the community. Titan Con, Extra Life, Ronin Expo and more.

Panels and workshops hosted by Captain Saavy, EpicCosplay Wigs and fans also debuted in 2017.

With over 1000+ attendees, a twofold increase in one year, Coast Con is expected to attract 1500+ attendees in 2018

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